Who We Are.

ep² is the brainchild of Mark Holman & Steve Fallon which developed when discussing merchant models and how to offer a procurement solution  that is not “just another me too” product in the market, but at the same time is a no brainer to join.  

Ask Yourself These Four Questions.

1/. Could your building company utilise an extra $390,000 profit this year?


2/. If product quality were the same would you change your purchasing habits to gain an extra $390,000 profit?


3/. Would you be open to change some of your internal business practises to make that extra $390,000 profit this year?


4/. If we can show you how to easily add $390,000 to your bottom line in the next year, you’d sign up?


If you answered yes to these four questions then click the apply button below to find out more.
Building Products Online

Meet The BPOL Team

Mark Holman

Managing Director

Dave Grant

ep² Development Manager

Steve Fallon

Marketing Manager