The most positive shift to affect the New Zealand Building Industry since the introduction of the  metric system.

Local suppliers

All building products are sourced from local suppliers and carry applicable certification for Code of Compliance 

Fee for service

Purchase your building products with zero margin, just a known monthly service fee. Eliminating budget blowouts.

Low overheads

No warehousing, no large staff contingency, no rebates, no huge corporate sponsorships or expensive advertising.

Staged solution

We monitor your build and products needed from stage to stage of your building process.

Direct to site

Building products picked by the expert suppliers, delivered to your site, eliminates picking mistakes and costly downtime.

Streamlined system

BPOL & ep² supplying more than just great building products but also an end to end procurement system to revolutionise your business

ep² is simply the biggest shift in building products service delivery in 180 years
Mark Holman
Managing Director & Co-Founder BPOL